This Valuable Signal Could Infer the Market Direction for Years

Akhil was invited again to speak in the “State of the Markets” podcast by Paul Rodriguez from Think Trader and Tim Price from Price Value Partners.

Akhil, Paul, and Tim spoke about the following during this podcast episode:

  1. Akhil gives his reason for gold’s recent strong moves higher, what it means for inflation and the recent US banking crisis.
  2. Is commercial real estate in the US and elsewhere in serious trouble?
  3. What is Akhil’s view on some of the most well-connected and respected market analysts and fund managers’ bearish view on equity markets today?
  4. Is there more than meets the eye behind the recent US banking collapse?
  5. Views on the continuing trend away from the US dollar for settlement of global trade.
  6. Will we see Bitcoin’s price reach $1 million US dollars a coin by July this year?
  7. Is hyperinflation a concern in the near future?
  8. Akhil addressed Michael Burry’s call for a near-term stock market collapse and his call to ‘short everything’!
  9. Tim and Paul ask Akhil about the weaknesses of the current fiat-based financial system, how reliable the government’s deposit insurance scheme is during a bank-run type panic, and what this says about trust in central banks.
  10. Should we have banks that hold deposits only, and banks that hold your investment capital? Why it’s a good idea they both be separate from each other for the good of business investment and depositors.
  11. Akhil answers several listeners’ questions posted via social media.


At the end of the podcast, Akhil gave insights about his forthcoming book, The Secret Wealth Advantage; click here for more information.