about the book

During your life you will make many important financial decisions. Their success will be significantly affected by the state of the economy and financial markets when you make them.

The Secret Wealth Advantage takes you on a journey in time – past, present and future – through the course of an 18-year economic cycle.

Each cycle has four great Acts which inform the structure of The Secret Wealth Advantage:

Book Cover - The Secret Wealth Advantage - By Akhil Patel Economist and Advisor Real Estate
  • Act I: Recovery. Out of the ashes of the prior cycle a new one is born. The economy recovers and, over the next six to seven years, expands again as confidence returns.
  • Act II: Mid-cycle. A minor recession takes place. Fear returns, but the slowdown is comparatively short and does not involve a crisis.
  • Act III: Boom. This leads to a much broader boom over the next six to seven years: there is higher growth, abundant credit, surging stock and property markets and, finally, two years of outright excess before the cycle reaches its highest point, 14 years after it began.
  • Act IV: Crisis. The cycle ends with a terrific crash and depression. The economy must be rescued from its deep malaise; the ruins are cleared over a period of four years. Thus an 18-year cycle ends, and a new one begins.

Find out everything you need to know about how the cycle plays out and what you need to do about through practical guidance at the end of every chapter. And learn all about why the cycle happens, what causes it, why no one sees it and what determines how big the booms and busts can get.

The Secret Wealth Advantage will help you to make better financial decisions at the right times and to give you an investment edge that even seasoned professionals can only dream of.