The Secret Wealth Advantage by Akhil Patel: Book Launch and Talk

Akhil Patel held a private book launch and talk in London for his recently published book titled The Secret Wealth Advantage click here for more information. In this event, Jonathan Brown hosted the talk session where Akhil shared the process of writing his book and discusses the current cycle.

Here are some key insights in this discussion:

Part 1

  1. Foreword by Akhil
  2. Why are we in this room?
  3. What would have prompted the need to write this book?
  4. The process of writing The Secret Wealth Advantage
  5. Brief description of the book
  6. Akhil’s thoughts on the cycle
  7. The audience of the book
  8. What the audience can get from the book
  9. Where we are now in the cycle
  10. Honorary mention to Fred Harrison
  11. Summary by Jonathan Brown
  12. Closing


Part 2

  1. Why do you think that this knowledge is not more commonly understood, acknowledged, and accepted wisdom?
  2. Are you still writing newsletters?
  3. How do you think economists resolve the fact that economics has his talk doesn’t work?
  4. Akhil’s explanation of how the economics related to oil, what the benefits are, what’s the situation with the economics, and how to solve it with economic thought
  5. Fred Harrison’s Taken for a Ride
  6. The prediction of a massive crisis and a nice Trump victory
  7. (Back to Fred Harrison)
  8. The biggest boom in 2026