Standard Deviations Podcast: Akhil Patel – The Hidden Order of Markets

Akhil Patel was invited by Dr. Daniel Crosby to be the guest speaker of his latest podcast episode in Standard Deviations Podcast. Tune in to hear:

  1. What convinces Akhil that we can forecast markets with any level of precision when lots of highly intelligent people have tried and failed?
  2. How often does Akhil think market cycles occur, on average, and how can we use that to our benefit?
  3. Once novel market anomalies or truths are discovered, they tend to get arbitraged away to zero unless they have a behavioral element to them that is hard to predict. Is there a behavioral thread that runs through the sorts of cycles Akhil talks about, or does he fear that by publishing this book, that the information might get arbitraged away?
  4. On a high level, what does Akhil’s model focus on in particular and how did he come across it? Why does he place such primacy on the land market within markets more generally?
  5. What brings about the recovery stage and what is going on in peoples’ heads in these moments?
  6. During the mid-cycle is there broad recognition that things are getting better or are peoples’ brains somewhat stuck in the prior cycle?
  7. What is going on, psychologically speaking, during a market boom cycle?
  8. What can we learn from the Great Financial Crisis of 07-08’?
  9. What phase of the cycle does Akhil think we are in at the moment and how does Covid overlap with his market cycle model?
  10. Does Akhil think that investment recommendations can be made based on these market cycles, or is it simply an expectation management tool?
  11. How can we make better sense of Covid’s impact on real estate prices?

For more details, you can read the article on Digital Wealth News’ website here.

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