Mastering the Ups and Downs – Secrets for Wealth in Economic Cycles

Market cycles, in the world of wealth management, is a hidden gem hiding in plain sight, but its utility is only for those who understands it in the right context and the right timing.

In this episode of the Purpose-Driven Wealth podcast, Mo Bina welcomes back Akhil Patel, author of a new book, The Secret Wealth Advantage, in a very engaging discussion about Economic Cycles in the current context. In Akhil’s first appearance (Episode 28), they have discussed about understanding economic cycles and its implications for investors. Moving forward to today, Akhil gives a very valuable perspective about what to expect in the current market cycle, as well as tips for those interested in the real estate market.

Here’s what you will expect in this episode:

  1. Key takeaways from Akhil’s new book
  2. About The Handbook of Wealth Secrets
  3. The main economic cycle
  4. Where are we in the cycle now?
  5. A projection of the next major crisis
  6. What can people expect for the remainder of this cycle?
  7. On the speculative phase for different asset classes
  8. Building up a cash reserve and educating yourself on major blind spots in the current economic model

Click here for more information about Akhil’s The Secret Wealth Advantage.