The Secret Wealth Advantage by Akhil Patel: Book Launch and Talk

Our director, Akhil Patel just published a book about the 18.6-year real estate cycle titled The Secret Wealth Advantage. In this interview hosted by Darren J Wilson, Akhil reveals some insights about the book in details.

Here are some key insights in this interview:

  1. Introduction
  2. Akhil’s approach to writing his book
  3. The “Acts” within the book
  4. The most important chapter
  5. How would this book help you to navigate the 18.6-year cycle?
  6. Artificial intelligence (AI) hype
  7. The practicality of the book’s content
  8. Get your hands on this book


Click here to find out more about this newly published book, The Secret Wealth Advantage.