18.6-Year Real Estate (Economic) Cycle

Ladies Kickin Assets invited Akhil and AdaPia as guest speakers to explain the 18.6-year real estate cycle. They discuss where we are in this cycle and what to expect to move forward. Akhil also introduces his forthcoming book, The Secret Wealth Advantage; click here for more information.

Listen in to find out Akhil’s thoughts about the following:

  1. Reverse repo market basics and its effects on markets
  2. 18.6-year real estate cycle
  3. Where are we in this cycle?
  4. Economic clock and the 2020 mid-cycle recession
  5. Calm before the takeoff? Economic growth
  6. Shifts in work patterns and locations
  7. The global shortage of workers
  8. Buying more and borrowing more for non-cash flowing assets
  9. How important is the stabilization of interest rates?
  10. Akhil’s Book – The Secret Wealth Advantage (journey through the 18-year cycle and what to look for)